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Overview of Hollywood - Bollywood Current Events

The world's movie wealth is not Hollywood but Bollywood. Bollywood is the nickname for the Indian film production situated in Mumbai.
Indians are in love with movies, even though most films follow a similar format called collection of spices. Movies are three to four hours long (and include an interval), include dozens of songs and dances, top stars, the story between the songs of boy meets girl, lots of action, and always - a happy ending.
Fourteen million Indians go to the movies on a daily basis (about 1.4% of the population of 1 billion) and pay the comparable to the average Indian's day's wages (US $1-3) to see any of the over 800 films churned out by Bollywood each year. That's more than double the number of feature films produced in the Hollywood.
The public's curiosity in Hollywood actresses and other celebrities is not a recent trend. Magazines have provided reporting of Hollywood actresses for decades, chronicling their performances and contribution a glance into their lives. Actresses who starred in movies back when they were called "talkies" have all awestruck the public. Film buffs attracted in learning more about these Hollywood actresses can do more than just watch the films in which they starred: They can also learn about who they were outside of their characters by reading articles in magazine archives.
When these Hollywood actresses shot to fame, magazine articles often focused on their early lives, before they entered the public eye. In addition to offering biographies of Hollywood actresses and stars, these articles also discussed their performances and critiqued their films. Though many magazines offer admittance to their archives online, these archives may not go back far enough to cover the time of early Hollywood actresses.
Infrequently, some fans may come across old issues of periodicals like Film Spectator and Photoplay Magazine at garage or estate sales, but often they are at a loss for primary sources.
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Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back, and they have illusions of living happily ever after. She's a whore, but hey, Richard Gere didn't care about that detail in Pretty Woman, and Lisa Ray is at least as hot as Julia Roberts.

Bollywood / Hollywood labours under the misconception that it has an ace up its sleeve by setting a classic Hollywood story against an Indian cultural back-drop and inserting Bollywood movie touches, but this trick only goes so far.
The intentionally cheesy musical song-and-dance interludes that break out at random points in the movie, while cute, serve to only hide the emptiness of the rest of the material, and the old/modern cultural divide that our lovers need to traverse is even more tired than the cliched romance.
We are left with Lisa Ray, who gives the movie a spark and is several notches better than her co-star Rahul Khanna and the rest of the cast. She battles vainly against a sterile script but gets as smothered as the audience by the oozing warmed-over pap.
Director Deepa Mehta seems uncomfortable in both the Hollywood and Bollywood scenes, maybe because all the scenes were filmed in Toronto, which is neither.
Bollywood / Hollywood may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but that's where it should have stayed.

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